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Rehabs in Tooele

Rehabs in Tooele

Tooele is a county located in Utah, U.S. The largest city and the main seat is Tooele. The county was founded back in 1850.  It borders the east part of Nevada and has a total area of 7,286 square miles. Its population is over 58,218, with about 12,677 households and about 10,128 families.

As to the racial makeup, the prevailing percentage of the population (about 89%) is White. Other racial representatives are Black or African American (1.28%), Native American (1.70%), etc.

Despite its small size, the county is developing and enhancing its different spheres. Yet, together with positive changes, some spheres demand more attention, such as healthcare. One of the pending issues in the area is the remaining drug addiction problem.


Addiction cases have skyrocketed in recent years in Utah. Despite the constant measures taken by the government, fatal overdose cases are still registering an increase rather than a decrease. Only in a year, there were 622 fatal overdose cases. In Tooele County, the number is not so high, with only about 15 to 20 cases yearly. But, for a small area, this number is also scary.

To fight against the rise of drug addictions, the government supports the foundation of Tooele County Rehabs.

Addiction Programs in Tooele County Rehabs

The services available might be restricted and not so diverse, however, the residents can still find proper aid in the area.

All the centers offer their own programs that include several steps. Anyways, the most important step is still the decision of searching for help. After choosing a certain institution, clients should learn about the available services, their duration, insurance plans, and other important information.

The available treatment types are mostly inpatient, outpatient, and aftercare, including programs such as Sober Coach, Sober Living, and psychological groups or one-on-one meetings.


Like almost everywhere in the country, here, as well, the initial step is detoxification. It is an obligatory procedure, especially for patients with more severe cases. Detox is very important, as its outcome also determines the successful progress of further treatment.

Detox can be dangerous, and initiating unsupervised detox can mean risking one’s health. It should be conducted under the strict guidance of qualified specialists.


Some patients have a prior negative experience that keeps them back from going back to a rehabilitation center and seeking help. In fact, relapse is a natural stage of the healing process. The important point is that it shouldn’t disappoint patients.

Relapse can be of two main types. It can be traditional relapse and free-lapse. Traditional is when the person makes a decision to go back to using substances. Freelapse is more of an accidental slip when a person starts to use substances unintentionally.  

Inpatient and Outpatient Care

While many don’t know, there is a huge difference between inpatient and outpatient options. They are completely different programs, with different services, duration, and conditions.

Inpatient care offers solely residential help. It is more suitable for people with longer and more severe cases of addiction. The shortest inpatient offering lasts 30 days. There are also 60- and 90-day programs that are advised by professionals based on several factors.

Outpatient care, on the other hand, takes place outside of the premises. It ensures more freedom. People can get outpatient help without drawing a line on their everyday activities, work, education, etc.


Finishing a particular course of treatment doesn’t mean or ensure a full recovery. To avoid complications, or, worse, relapse, clients should get aftercare. In Tooele, there are excellent aftercare options designed for the well-being and benefit of the residents. Sober Coach, Sober Living, and other mental help aftercare services will help to stabilize the achieved results.

Rehabilitation Costs

The most frustrating part of any treatment is the fees. Surely, for some residents, it might seem even unachievable. Yet, health is not something you should save your money on.

In some centers, insurance might partly cover the services, however, it does not happen often. Thus, the treatment offered in Tooele County might vary from $4,000 to $20,000, depending on the services, type of care, and other details.