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Rehabs in Summit

Rehabs in Summit

Summit County is located in Utah, US. It is situated in a mountainous area, with the largest city being Park City. The total area of the county is 1,882 square miles with a population of 36,324. It has 10,332 households and 7,501 families in total. The prevailing portion of the population is White (91.80%), with Black or African American only 0.24%, Asian 0.96%, and over 5% from other races.

Although Summit County is not very big, it has still managed to develop its various spheres. Despite the constant development, however, some problems demand attention, including spheres such as education, healthcare, etc. In healthcare, one of the main concerns is drug addiction.

Statistics of Substance Abuse

In Utah, fatal drug overdose cases outpace deaths that are due to injuries, vehicle accidents, etc. The main concern in the state is prescription opioids that cause unintentional fatal drug overdoses. Summit, as compared to other areas of Utah, is less affected, still, drug addiction is an overall concern, leading to over 30 deaths every year. The overdose cases became especially high during the pandemic.

To prevent further cases, the government is taking steps to support the work of Summit County Rehabs.

Summit County Rehab Programs

It is good news that there are many treatment centers in the area, which makes recovery more accessible. The first step in starting the treatment is looking for a good rehab that offers professional services directed at the welfare of the residents.

When a person finds a rehabilitation center, the process starts with assessing the patient's overall health and deciding upon the necessary steps.


Almost all the states have the same approach to addiction programs. Everywhere the process starts with detox, especially for those who have longer and more serious addiction histories.

Detox is an essential stage when the organism is cleared of the poison caused by drug usage. Despite being an indicator, it is also dangerous and should only be carried out under strict care and professional guidance.

The detox stage is followed by intensive therapy, otherwise, detox will have zero positive effect.

Inpatient and Outpatient Care

When patients first decide to seek help, they know almost nothing about the options and programs that rehabs offer. In reality, centers specialized in addiction cases have developed many programs with different levels. While some approaches might prove to be very effective for some, they might generate next to no positive results for others. This is where professional estimation is crucial.

Inpatient care means residential care and supervision 24/7. Generally, the programs are for a certain period – 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days, sometimes longer, if necessary.

While inpatient help is very efficient, it is still not an excellent choice for milder cases. Residents with lighter overdose problems will benefit more from outpatient help. It has many advantages, including more freedom. Clients receiving outpatient support can continue with their work, education, etc.

For some clients, specialists might mix these two types. This means that some days patients will be under stricter supervision and stay at the hospital, while other times, they can only pay short visits.


While talking about types of treatment, let’s not forget about aftercare. Aftercare shouldn’t be overlooked, as it is the most crucial stage, where all the previous efforts are stabilized. Some examples of aftercare are psychological therapies, group or individual aid, etc.

Available Treatment Centers

When looking for a center, patients pay attention to a range of different factors. No matter how good the provided services are, the most important part is that patients feel comfortable and at ease. Here we have come up with a list of such institutions with the best offerings and conditions:

  • Newport Academy

  • Renew Wellness & Recovery

  • Red Willow Counseling and Recovery

  • Deer Hollow

  • Sober Living Properties

Luxury Rehabs in Summit County

Drug addiction can affect anyone. Even well-known and influential families face the problem.

To provide excellent conditions and full confidentiality, luxury rehabs are a perfect choice. They offer the best and high-quality services, with skillful and considerate staff. The centers are often located in quiet and picturesque sights, where patients can find peace of mind and comfort.

Costs of Rehab

Treatment is expensive and lengthy. It will take a lot of investment – both financial and time. Yet, health is the most precious thing we have, and saving money on it is not the wisest decision.

Normally, the prices start from $4,000 to $5,000 and range to $20,000. These numbers are estimated for a month of care. The price varies depending on the type of service.