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Rehabs in Rich

Rehabs in Rich

Rich county is located in Utah. According to 2010 statistics, it had about 2,000 people. Randolph is the seat. Garden city is the largest town here. It was created in 1864.

The county has one of the lowest rates of substance abuse in the state. To get more information, follow this article.

Substance Abuse Statistics in Rich County

9% of adults, who are aged 50-65, reported they used marijuana in 2015-2016. However, it was about 7% compared to 2012-2013’s statistics.

The state has an increase in the use of cannabis among adults. The statistics showed it was 0.4% in 2006 and 2007. However, it was about 3% in 2015 and 2016.

Though you barely find rehabs in Rich, there are a lot in Utah. So in the article, you will find some of them near Rich county.

Alcohol and Drug Evaluation

Drug and alcohol tests closely examine a person's level of substance use to provide a diagnosis and treatment recommendations. These evaluations take into account the kind of substance being taken, the dosage, and the frequency.

These evaluations paint a more accurate picture of the circumstances and degree of a substance abuser's use.

Inpatient, Outpatient, and PHP Rehab


Inpatient rehabilitation is a permanent treatment center where clients stay for varying lengths of time based on their program. Although the majority of pill rehabilitation centers provide lengthier therapies, the typical stay is 30 days.

Most inpatient facilities have family programs, where patients' families engage in family therapy and other activities.


Outpatient therapy provides support groups as well as drink and narcotic cure classes at various times throughout the week.

This regimen enables patients to maintain their normal routines and continue to reside at home.


PHP is a type of therapy that falls in the middle of full-time residential care and intensive outpatient medicine. You'll spend many hours every day following a specific antidote and training plan to assist in your rehabilitation before leaving to go home at night.

The level of dedication and the treatment plan is similar to an inpatient cure even though you live at home.

Some Rehab Centers

Renaissance Recovery

When it comes to treating alcohol and pill addiction, it combines the traditional 12-step method with ideas based on faith and scientific research. Day cure, intensive outpatient, and aftercare programs are all available through their program.

Moreover, they specialize in addiction, drinking, and narcotic abuse. They are providing solutions to issues such as anxiety, BPD, coping skills, grief, NPD, sex medicine, codependency, and so on.

Recovery Ways PHP & Sober Living

The PHP Treatment program at Recovery Ways provides the most structure and attention. As part of their therapeutic setting, they offer assistance for mental and essence misuse. Their committed and talented professionals foster a disciplined and loving atmosphere.

Further, they have specialties such as alcohol, pill misuse, and habit. They are solving cases such as BPD, peer relationships, spirituality, self-esteem, etc.

Moreover, they have mental health solutions, too. They are impulse control, mood, and personality disorders.

They target elders and adults. Restorative types are CBT, DBT, EMDR, and so on.

Rehabs With No Insurance

You can find many free rehabs in the state. Here is the list.

  • Men's Adult Detoxification Center

  • Pinnacle Recovery Center - Utah Drug Rehab

  • Project Reality

  • First Step House

Forcing Your Teenager Into Rehabilitation

It is important to understand that ignoring the issue is probably not the best course of action. Instead of being compelled to go rehab, the goal is for your teen to choose to do so.

It may be difficult, but in order to achieve it, you must give it your all!